Alina Compostable Bin Liners

Welcome, and thanks for looking at our webiste.  You can purchase our Alina Compostable Paper and Starch Bags and Sacks or please contact us to receive a quote for larger quantities.

Our compostable bags and sacks have been designed and tested to provide the best possible help to collecting and composting organic waste.  Our bags have all been tested to the EN13432 composting standard and carry the Din Certco Seedling Logo which certifies safe and responsible composting.

Alina Paper Bags & Sacks
Alina Paper Bags & Sacks range from 7 litre caddy bags to 25 litre pedal bin liners.  Whether collecting food waste, keeping bins clean or being used as an alternative to plastic, our strong and tough paper products won't let you down.

The paper used in Alina paper products is made from unused parts of trees and using process waste from the timber industry.  The long fibres of virgin kraft paper give sack-grade strength and the paper has FSC certification showing the material comes from sustainably-managed, renewable forests.

To give water-resistance, and to maintain strength even in damp conditions, a starch-based waterproofing agent is applied, and the paper, glue and ink are also regularly tested to certify safe and responsible composting.
Alina Starch Bags & Sacks
Alina Starch Bags & Sacks range from caddy bags to wheelie bin liners. 

Alina Starch Caddy Bags are available in 2 sizes to fit most kitchen caddy bins.  Simply measure the height of your bin and the circumference at the top.  All our products have their open bag height and circumference on the product page.  Choose a bag size just bigger than your bin to allow some extra material to fold over at the top.

Alina Starch Sacks can be used in outside bins to keep the bins clean when collecting organic waste.  As with the smaller bins, measure the height and circumference at the top of your bin and choose an appropriate sack size.

Alina Starch Bags & Sacks are regularly tested to certify safe and responsible composting.  Store in a cool dry place.