Alina Extra Small 7 Litre Roll Bottom Paper Kitchen Caddy Bag


When open, this bag measures:
69cm around the open top,
22cm in height (approx).


Use the Alina Extra Small 7 Litre Paper Kitchen Caddy Bag in your kitchen caddy bin to hold your food waste.   You can transfer the bag and the food waste to your home compost heap or collection scheme - the bag can be included as it will compost down with its contents.

The bag can easily be folded to stand alone by itself and does not require a caddy bin to be used.

The bag is made from strong, sack-grade paper using tough glue.   The bag is water-resistant which keeps the strength of the bag even when damp.   The bag is fully compostable, biodegradable and recyclable.

Please see below for more information about the paper we use to make our bags and sacks.

About Our Paper

The paper used in Alina paper products is made from unused parts of trees and using process waste from the timber industry.  The long fibres of virgin kraft paper give sack-grade strength and the paper has FSC certification showing the material comes from sustainably-managed, renewable forests.

To give water-resistance, and to maintain strength even in damp conditions, a starch-based waterproofing agent is applied, and the paper, glue and ink are also regularly tested to certify safe and responsible composting.

Store in a cool, dry place.

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