Alina Garden 75 Litre 2 Ply Block Bottom Paper Sack


When open, this sack measures:
120cm around the open top,
80cm in height (approx).


Use the Alina 75L Paper Sack in your garden to collect and hold your organic waste.   The block-bottom design allows the sack to stand alone by itself when in use.   The sack can be used to carry garden waste to the Recycling Centre, emptied and reused again and again.   The sack could alternatively be discarded and included with the waste as it will compost down with its contents.

This reusable sack is made from strong, 2 ply sack-grade paper using tough glue.   The double ply design uses two layers of paper to give the sack flexibility without losing strength.   The block bottom design of the sack enables the sack to stand up by itself when being used, and the tough glue keeps the bottom of the sack super strong.   The sack is water-resistant which keeps the strength of the sack even when damp, and the sack is fully compostable, biodegradable and recyclable.

The Alina 75L Paper Sack is folded and wrapped in a paper sleeve with 3 sacks per pack. 

Please see below for more information about the paper we use to make our bags and sacks.


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